Foundation Waterproofing
Pre-applied/Blind side

PREPRUFE® Tape LT is specially formulated two sided, reinforced pressure sensitive tape. The bottom side of the tape has a highly aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive which is designed to adhere to penetrations, protrusions and GCP waterproofing membranes and accessories. The top side of the tape has a pressure sensitive adhesive, a weather resistant protective coating and a release liner. Concrete is cast directly against the protective white coating of the tape. The specially developed PREPRUFE® adhesive layers work together to form a continuous and integral seal to the structure. PREPRUFE® Tape LT is suitable for application temperatures between 25°F (-4°C) and 95°F (+35°C).

  • Chemical Avoidance

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    Cadmium FreeYes
    Chlorine FreeYes
    Lead FreeYes
    Mercury FreeYes
    Natural Rubber FreeYes
    No Added Urea FormaldehydeYes
    No added urea-formaldehyde resinsYes
    PBDE FreeYes
    PFAS FreeYes
    PFOA FreeYes
    PTFE FreeYes
    Phthalate FreeYes
    Urea-Formaldehyde FreeYes
  • General

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    Contact NameMarina Dimitriadis
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    GSA Contact Emailmarina.dimitriadis@saint-gobain.com
    GSA Contact NameMarina Dimitriadis
    GSA Contact Phone5715832614
    GSA Contact TitleProduct Stewardship and Sustainability Manager
    Manufacturing Location Zip Code(s)60638
    Manufacturing Location(s)Bedford Park, IL
    MasterFormat® Number07 13 26
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    TypePre-applied/Blind side

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